WarZone Flashpoint aims to be a new RTS as a live service. Gone will be the days of wondering when or indeed if the next patch is going to arrive. We plan to put all our attention into multiplayer as the foundation of our product. With that in mind, we want to go into some details about gameplay features and systems. Now, there’s a ton of information to cover and it’s impossible to cover it quickly. For now, we’ll be starting with resources and some surrounding systems.

WarZone Flashpoint will have two resources: ore and oil. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ore is used for all buildings and units.
  • Oil is used for some buildings and units (with ore).
  • MBTs and specialty units are oil heavy.
  • Ore runs out, but oil does not.
  • All factions will have a method of generating their own ore.

That information is dense, so we’ll go in order and address each point the best we can at this time. All buildings and units built have an ore cost while only some have an oil cost in addition to the ore cost. Ore and oil costs are paid up front and not a pay-as-you-go system. This will make nuanced decisions matter when resources are tight. (Instead of queuing up the tank and the helicopter you have to choose which one you want first.)

MBTs (main battle tanks) and speciality units are oil heavy. Specialty units are units that typically are not core units like artillery, helicopters, jets and instead are units with a skill or two, etc. These are units that tend to support your core units with a certain set of skills or features. MBTs are a core unit but share this oil costly attribute. Why? Because MBTs are cost effective in general combat. The amount of oil you have will likely determine how many tanks you can field.

Oil cannot be depleted. As the game progresses, its complexity increases. One of the increasingly complex elements is a player’s controlled areas, usually dictated by resources. If you want to maintain your oil income, you must maintain map control as much as possible. Ore on the other hand can be depleted, but each faction has a method (late in their tech tree) to generate ore themselves. Why?

As resources dry up, players become skittish about attacking. Aggression is important for the game to end and maintain the attention of a viewing audience. If players feel they are reaching the bottom of the bucket, they will generally play more defensively. So, with each faction having its own mechanism to self-generate ore, the player can balance late game income and maintain their aggression against their enemy.

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