Look, RTS fans, we need to have a talk. The truth is, RTS has slipped. It hasn’t adapted. It hasn’t pushed itself. MOBAs have simply… taken over. Well, we’re aiming to push RTS back up in the limelight. Don’t get me wrong, MOBAs are great and RTS can learn a lot from MOBAs, but a MOBA just… isn’t quite an RTS, you know?

Enter WarZone Flashpoint. Our new RTS aims to feature a dedicated plan to support it for many years to come. Gone will be the days of uncertainty about when and if balance patches, new content, and cool features will arrive. We’re putting any type of campaign content on hold until we have an amazing multiplayer live service with a focus on competition and fun with your friends (or against them!)

Typically, we’re used to RTS titles that come with a $60 price tag. This is not how we want to move forward. WarZone Flashpoint will be available for free to anyone who wants to play. As we’ve come to expect from other free to play models, you can earn content by playing or pay for cool goodies. No, you will not be able to buy a powerful unit and win games. That nonsense has no place in a game like ours, especially one that aims to be competitive.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for a paradigm shift of epic proportions? We are.

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